Here’s the back cover blurb for THE SIMPLE WAY:

If you feel the need for a guru, make one up.  What teacher could possibly have better insight into your personal growth trajectory than the one who abides in your own heart? Xudanzi is just such a one. And he learned his craft from one of history’s greatest masters of sage-making, the 4th Century B.C. Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi (Chuang-Tzu). Zhuangzi populated his fantastical prose with fictional sages of many stripes, all of whom gave voice to, and likely helped to fashion, his own philosophy of life. Xudanzi is just another Zhuangzian sage, albeit one cultivated in foreign and more contemporary heart-soil.

From Socratic irony, to Zhuangzian “spill-over-goblet-words”, to Kierkegaard’s indirect communication we have learned the power of teachings that self-efface by virtue of the medium through which they come. We learn and we grow, but never are we required to believe. We are left free of all “positive teachings”—free to wander on the path of our own unique ever-becoming.

Like Zhuangzi, Xudanzi invites us to engage our hearts and minds in the discovery of ourselves, and in finding only emptiness, to soar upon it in unfettered and carefree wandering.

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