Hello again.

I plan to write a few posts as a review of and reactions to Hans-Georg Moeller’s and Paul D’Ambrosio’s book Genuine Pretending: On the Philosophy of the Zhuangzi.

But first, I thought I’d give a quick update on my personal situation. I am still on my boat in Mexico where I have been working on her all winter while “on the hard.” I will be “splashing” in a couple of weeks and will sail from the mainland to Baja California where I will spend the summer spearfishing for my dinner and exploring on land.

This will be a solitary time for the most part, but close to nature (whales, dolphins and coyotes). Needless to say, this will also mean being “unconnected”. For me, “cruising” has always been a way of getting to those isolated and relatively untouched spots on the planet.

Posts to follow.


2 thoughts on “POSTS TO FOLLOW”

  1. Just really happy you posted again..I found this blog several months ago, really found it compelling. Your two books are mainstays now. Excited to delve into Zhenuine. Also, your
    writing on ‘the Numinous Cloud’ gave words to intuitive thoughts. Will return now and then check for postings.
    enjoy life

    1. Thanks for the affirming words. I “splash” the boat today and will thus not be able to stay connected for long, but I may work on another writing project. Scott

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