Each thing reveals the One,

the One manifests as all things.

To live in this Realization

is to not worry about perfection or non-perfection.

To put your trust in the Heart-Mind

is to live without separation,

and in this non-duality you are one with your Life-Source.

(Stanza 22)


The Xin-Xin Ming is all about the experience of non-duality.

But, ah, the power of capitalization! “The One” is Something. And where there is Something there is duality. The author is not unaware of this, of course. “Although all dualities arise from the One, do not become attached to even ideas of this One.” (Stanza 9) Nevertheless, it seems that he requires that there be Something that is the One. Our heart-mind (xin) is the Heart-Mind.

I take exception to this; but apparently it doesn’t matter. The author likely experienced a non-duality beyond anything I could ever hope to imagine. (Nor do I hope to do so. Realization (capital “R”) is a goal to which I do not aspire.) There’s power in religious-mindedness; make no mistake. For those who are willing and able, that path is always open.

The Zhuangzian approach is quite different, however. It may be possible to experience a oneness; but this assumes nothing about the nature of Reality. It doesn’t mean there is One. One’s heart-mind—one’s conscious experience—is taken just as it manifests—limited, clueless, and transient. The heart-mind is just the heart-mind.

Putting your trust in this heart-mind is thus putting your trust in Mystery, which is to say, in nothing-in-particular. It’s simply en-trusting yourself to the inexplicable Happening. It’s “handing it all over to the unavoidable”. It’s simply saying Yes to life—without regard to Resolution.

Saying Yes to life can be a visceral experience. There is release. Something happens. There is a sense of oneness. That feels good; but it doesn’t solve the riddle of life.

But it all hinges on being true to our actual experience. We can only entrust ourselves as ourselves. We entrust our cluelessness to Cluelessness. But there is no Cluelessness other than our own cluelessness. We are Mystery. In our duality we can say Yes to ourselves, which amounts to saying Yes to everything else.

There is only this moon; there is no second moon. Just as Zen tells us.

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