Zhuangzi:  Well, this seems like a good time to leave Scott to his new project.

Shen Dao:  Surely, we have time for another glass of wine!? I only wish I’d joined these discussions earlier!

Zz:  You’re going to make Scott think we’re only here for the libations.

Shen Dao:  Well, if we have no positive teachings to share with him, why else would we be here?

Zz:  We have our own emptiness to share—but that’s no reason for an empty glass—as mine appears to be.

Scott:  Here you go—half a glass each. I’ll open another bottle.

Zz:  No. No need. This shall suffice.

Scott:  I’d just as soon open another bottle—and another after that. I’m so very reluctant to let you go.

Zz:  That’s probably why it’s best that we do. You might want to explore the reasons for this reluctance—it smells of dependence to me. Religious dependence!

Shen Dao:  Ha, ha! Now you’ve made him squirm!

Zz:  There’s nothing so helpful as to be hoist on your own petard.

Scott:  It’s also your hoisting that I will miss. Indeed, all my agreement with what I find in your writing is also a continual hoisting.

Zz:  That’s as it should be—for you, just as it was for me.

Shen Dao:  So now, who will pull the plug? Who will say the last goodbye and be no more? Shall I?

Zz:  No. I think we should leave it to Scott, since it may very well be that he has only made our presence up.

Scott:  But didn’t we establish that there’s little difference between your made-up presence and my made-up “me”?

Zz:  There’s truth in that, but there’s also truth in your living—so now’s the time to live in awareness of your me-less-ness. So won’t you say goodbye?

Scott:  Thanks for all you have taught me. And thanks for teaching me nothing at all. Goodbye, dear friend!!


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