Scott:  So taking you to the laundromat is also just the process of taking what you learned from your own self-examination and seeing how it may or may not be relevant to my own self-experience. In the end, it’s the self-examination that’s the most important thing of all.

Zhuangzi:  That, and how you respond to what you discover. Most everyone likely engages in some degree of self-examination, but then simply revert to unphilosophical stamp-collecting, since squarely facing our actual human condition is daunting task.

Scott:  But doing just that is to be fully engaging with what it is to be human. And that is to be authentic. So your “Genuine Human Being” is someone who is fully engaged with their human experience—and that, it turns out, is the realization that there is no final realization of anything other than that it’s all an open-ended ambiguity. At least that’s what you discovered in your own experience, and what I’ve discovered in my own.

Zz:  My Genuine Human Being is only a theoretical sage—but to believe that anyone can actually fully realize that is to abandon what it is to be a human being—to be an ever-becoming. To discover and live with pan-ambiguity is to never “be” anything, but rather to forever be a becoming.

Scott:  So being authentic is realizing that complete authenticity will forever elude you?

Zz:  Just so.

Shen Dao:  To be genuinely human is to embrace that one is forever straying from Dao and yet simultaneously realizing that one cannot stray from Dao.

Scott:  All good stuff—but I think I need to take us all to the laundromat—there’s got to be a simpler way to say all this.

Zz:  Well, as I said, Let’s go. That can become your new project.

Scott:  It can. And it will be short and simple. So I’ll need yet another one after that.

Zz:  If you keep them philosophical—if you remain aware of the unserious aspect of their nature and make them part of the process of your becoming—then most any project will do.

Scott:  They should not be an attempt to fill the emptiness, but rather a means to exploring and becoming that emptiness.

Zz:  Indeed, the whole life-experience can be just that.

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