Zhuangzi:  “That’s an order!”?  Ha, ha. Who’s the dependent one now—me who comes or you who needs me to come?

Scott:  Well, I guess we both are—but maybe me more than you. Which is pretty ironic.

Zz:  Yes, ironic indeed. The shadow of your shadow is less dependent than you are. My dependence is by way of causation—which nothing can escape—and yours is psychological.

Scott:  But if my dependence or non-dependence is a purely psychological experience, then it figures that I would likely be more dependent. I mean—no offense—but well, you just “are”—like a rock—and I’m always trying to figure out what I am and trying to be it.

Zz:  No offense taken—like Shen Dao says, “A clump of earth never strays from the Dao.” But then, of course, straying from the Dao is as much the Dao as anything else—and I rather enjoyed it.

Scott:  You enjoyed straying from the Dao?

Zz:  Of course! That’s just being human! And I liked being human. It was fun! Does a rock have fun being a rock?

Scott:  So Shen Dao’s critics were right that his dao was a perfect dao for the dead, but not for the living.

Zz:  In one sense, yes. But they didn’t get that part of the fun can be living as if dead. Indeed, that makes for the most fun of all!

Scott:  Wait. Living as if dead is fun? Wait! I think I get it—living as if dead means taking life and death as a single string; incorporating death into one’s life is the equivalence of uniting existence and non-existence to form a oneness. And living that frees you to enjoy life all the more.

Zz:  That’s it. Death is not just taken as an inevitable—begrudgingly—but actually informs our living in such a way as to unite us with the One Big Open-endedness. That’s how and where we wander!

Scott:  I feel like we’ve hit the bedrock of your philosophy.

Zz:  Yep. Bye!

Scott:  Zhuangzi? Zhuangzi? Okay—see you when I see you.

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