Zhuangzi: Well, I’m off. Thanks for the libations.

Scott:  One last thing . . . .

Zz:  Good grief! You’re insatiable. Okay, what is it?

Scott: I need you to diss the blog.

Zz:  What!?

Scott:  You haven’t dissed it yet, and that’s the title of the series. Besides, I said you would.

Zz:  Okay, here’s my mouth; make me.

Scott:  No, you need to do it. Pretend you’re Penumbra—the shadow of my shadow who is as real and self-so as I think I am.

Zz:  Hmm. Okay. Your blog is an endless stream of blabber that never makes any difference.

Scott:  “Big but useless!”

Zz:  Touché! But that’s not fair. You can’t defend yourself, if you insist on me criticizing you.

Scott:  I retract that. It’s useful to me who enjoys the blabbering, but likely useless to the world at large. How’s that?

Zz:  That seems like a fair enough compromise. And, of course, neither usefulness nor uselessness is of ultimate import in any case.

Scott: All is well!

Zz:  If you wish. Keep the non-faith. Ciao.

Scott:  Wait! Come back! That’s an order! Damn, he’s taken this self-so non-dependence thing too far.


    1. He thought better of it. He came back today–and he’s going to be around for awhile! I’m reading Raymond Smullyan–I take it he’s still with us? S

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