Zhuangzi:  “Zhuangzi disses this blog”? When have I ever dissed your blog?

Scott:  Well, you’re going to.

Zz:  Okay, but that’s entirely up to you—just remember that it’s you who does it.

Scott:  But wait a minute—you’ve actually read yesterday’s post?

Zz:  Of course I have! I read them all—religiously! Ha, ha.  It’s like reading the “funnies” every morning—a great way to start the day.

Scott:  There! You’ve already started dissing the blog!

Zz:  I have? You call my writing “The Equalizing Jokebook” and say that I’m trying to make people laugh—so, is that dissing my writing?

Scott: Well, no. The difference is whether you laugh with it or at it. And I take you as meaning the latter. Am I wrong?

Zz:  Hmm. I see your point. Admittedly, I do laugh at you a bit. But don’t you also laugh at yourself? Is that dissing yourself? If you aren’t laughing at yourself you’re taking yourself and your blabber entirely too seriously. The day you start doing that is the day I’ll really start dissing you. No I won’t—I’ll just not bother with you anymore.

Scott:  Yeah, I get that. I say the same all the time. Maybe I just don’t always practice it. But, then does this mean you were laughing at yourself when you wrote your stuff?

Zz:  What’s the alternative? You want that I was some kind of “sage” who wasn’t as full of shit as you are? Or some fool who believed his own drivel? Come on—you know better than that. My stuff is no different than your stuff—and your stuff is no different than my stuff. This isn’t scripture, is it? If there’s any truth in it, it’s in that it recognizes no such thing.

Scott:  So, your philosophy is also just a philosophy of cope?

Zz:  Of course it is! And a big part of the coping is doing the philosophy.

Scott:  So, what’s in it for others? I mean, I do have a readership.

Zz:  Yeah, a vast readership! Ha, ha. What’s in it for others is the same as what’s in my writing for you. Your writing and mine are the same—only you use mine as your point of departure.

Scott:  Yes, I see their sameness. But they are also qualitatively different—and I won’t stop pointing to yours rather than to my own.

Zz:  I understand completely. It’s the “ancients” who really got it. Ha, ha!

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