Scott:  So, you were going to give me some broad-stroke advice on how to proceed in the age of Trump.

Zhuangzi:  Was I? Okay, I’ll try. But you’ll know that I have no specific answers, right? This is your time, not mine. What I did in my time was keep my head low. That’s how I kept it. You’re not likely to lose yours if you get actively involved—unless you’re a person of color, of course—then the odds of getting killed go up.

It’s important to stay non-violent, of course. It’s yin that overcomes yang. Yanging just invites more yanging, as you know. Yinning is non-being the change. It’s wuwei—non-action action. It’s acting yinnishly.

And this has to come from your guts. If you hate, you’re the same as what you hate. We become what we hate.

S:  The Christians say, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.” Is that sort of what you mean?

Zz:  Well, not really. That sounds like a lot of BS to me. Isn’t it really just an excuse to inflict a narrow view on others? It’s a whole lot of yanging. And it amounts to just another form of hate. How do you love those whom you don’t affirm and accept?

This Christian thing has got me baffled, I have to admit. Why is what we do with our penises and vaginas so important? I don’t get that. Isn’t it more important that we care for people’s welfare?

S:  The Christian God has a huge problem with sex—go figure. But then, he’s a very small-minded god, in any case.

But, love Trump? That’s asking a lot.

Zz:  Well, he’s human, right? You and he are the same.

S: Ouch! That hurts. But I know you’re right.

Zz: Look. You know where all this is going. When you see how you and Trump are the same, you can more effectively work to change how you are different.

S:  Yeah. None of this is easy though.

Zz: The world is an incredible mess to be sure, but the hardest mess to change is your own, and you can’t do the first well until you have done the hard work of the other.

S:  That would seem to preclude doing anything at all—at least in my case.

Zz: Yeah, well, it’s not as cut and dry as I have said it. It’s moving forward with your mess—dialectically, as I think I’ve heard you say. I’m not sure what that means, but if it means living your mess forward, all tangled up and discombobulated, well then, I agree.

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