Scott:  The election of Trump represents the culmination of the horrible trajectory of human society as a whole. Ego-centrism lives! Race-centrism lives! Nationalism lives! Species-centrism lives! The primacy of the profit-motive lives! We will continue to destroy the planet in the name of “jobs” and profit. Corporations will continue to add to their power to direct and control the entirety of human society. The rich will get richer, and all institutions will be theirs. Their enforcers are militarized and empowered. The police-state grows, and yet remains well hidden. Only the few that protest feel its wrath, while the rest of us wave our flags and root for our team. “It’s the economy, stupid!” The suffering of others matters little!

Zhuangzi:  Yes, yes. So what’s the problem? You should have been born a peasant during the Warring States Period! I know one who lost his nose for stealing a turnip! In an untended field no less! Humanity is and has always been a mess. But still, it seems to be making some moral progress, don’t you think? Who knows?—maybe it will survive itself yet. As for the Universe, it couldn’t care less. The endangered bull frogs, now—they would care—if only they could!

S:  Yes. Okay. We always come back to this. Our caring can be tempered by a non-dependent openness to wellness. Even our cosmo-centrism can be so tempered. But let’s assume that we’ve experienced this and have some inner peace—at least to some degree—what do we do with our not-at-peace? How do we engage our caring now that it is informed of not-caring? How do we make our caring count? [Advertisement: http://wetipthebalance.org/]

Zz:  Ah, now that’s the hard part! Many say I’m weak on this point. And I guess I am; but when did I say I had all the “answers”? When did I say I had any “answers”? Isn’t that part of the problem? People want answers; they want formulae; they don’t want to have to work it out for themselves. And let’s face it, this is how they usually let themselves off the hook—“What can I do?”

S:   But you do give some broad strokes about how to proceed, don’t you?

Zz: Yes. I can share some of those. This is a pretentious little Zinfandel, but not without its own special statement. Is there more?

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