Scott:  Zhuangzi! You’re back! Just when I need some help figuring out how to respond to the election of Trump! Good grief!

Zhuangzi: Chill, Amigo! Are you forgetting how it doesn’t matter?

S:  I always forget how it doesn’t matter. I know, forgetting the unforgettable is true forgetfulness. But this seems to matter so much!

Zz:  You’re right, it does matter a lot—that’s why it’s so important to remember how it also doesn’t matter at all.

S:  Yeah, I know. It’s just so hard. How do you do it?

Zz:  Who ever said that I do!? I’m just working on it, same as you. But it helps just to entertain the possibility, don’t you think?

S:  Yeah, I get that. I just always want you to be a fully-realized guru.

Zz:  It seems everyone wants there to be gurus. You can bet that just because you’ve dreamed me up in your dream-world someone is going to believe I’m some sort of Immortal come down to grace your ridiculous blog. Talk about something that matters! I offer some ideas about how to live happily and before you know it, I’m an Immortal! Who knows, maybe your day will come. Ha. Ha.

S:  Not likely. I make it clear I’m a mess.

Zz:  And I didn’t? Well, maybe I should have been more explicit, like you. I just figured talking a lot of fantastic nonsense would be enough. Someone probably now believes in the literal flight of Peng.

S:  So, about Trump . . .?

Zz: Yeah, let’s talk Trump. But first, do you have something to wet my whistle? It’s thirsty work getting here from the Celestial Realms. Ha. Ha. A glass of that wine, perhaps?

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