My death is good. If my death is good, then the whole cosmic ball of wax is also good. (We know, of course, that the cosmos in not a ball of wax since there’d have to be something that was not this ball; but since this applies to whatever we say of it, this one works as well as any other.) All is Well.

Why is All Well? Because we say it is. Why do we say it is? Because, having surrendered ourselves in affirming trust into the Totality, we have harmonized our sense of the goodness of life with its larger context. Life is relational, not logical.

Why do we ask why? Because we believe there needs to be an objective reason that justifies saying so. What’s the proof? There is none.

“If my life is good, so also is my death good”. Why is my life good? Because I love and value it as such. But why? Because this is what life is and does. Life is an ever-affirming élan. Why would we want to question life? This is taking our mind as our teacher. This is throwing the proverbial spanner into the process of life. This is ruining good sex by ruminating on the why of it.

Why is my death good? Because my life is good, and life and death form one body. Without death there is no life. Without life there is no death. When these “are no longer coupled as opposites, that is called Dao as Convergence, the convergence of all daos” (2:17; Ziporyn, emended). The unity of life and death is Dao. You want to “find” Dao? Let your mind be Dao-ed.

“Hence, all things are neither formed nor destroyed, for these two also open into each other, connecting to form a oneness. It is only someone who really gets all the way through them that can see how the two sides open into each other to form a oneness” (2:22; Ziporyn).

Absolutely everything perceived, whether tangible or intangible, imagined or real, is a circumstance, and every circumstance is an opportunity to experience a bit of Dao. Absolutely everything is a “gate” into transcendence. Some gates loom larger than others, however; and among these, death looms largest of all. What an opportunity!

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