“Only someone who experiences this uniting into oneness can ‘understand’ it. Such a person does not impose her definition of ‘rightness’ on the world and its ‘things’ but rather affirms them all just as they are and allows them to be just as they are. Seen from the point of view of Dao, their ordinary reality is understood as united with every other ordinary reality and this enables the affirmation of all things. This view from Dao is also just a point of view, and not an imposition of a definition of ‘rightness’ or ‘correctness’ upon the world. Viewing things thusly, as a matter of course, and not because you consider it the ‘right dao’, is Dao”(2:24).


This idea of Dao as the Convergence of daos is only just another dao, albeit a helpful one. It can however become a negating of other daos, unless it becomes more than just an idea. It must become our natural, spontaneous interface with the world.

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