Our judgments are a result of our perspectives (daos); different perspectives lead to different daos. In recognizing this, reason naturally wishes to unite them in a new category. Yet such a movement must overcome our deep attachment to right and wrong and ultimately, self and other. If accomplished, however, this unity becomes a new dao, Zhuangzi’s view from Dao:


“When we are able to see that sense in which they are no longer opposites, this can be called Dao as Convergence, the point of view (dao) that allows all daos to converge into a oneness” (2:19).


This is an idea, a product of the reasoning mind, even though it overturns reason’s claim that what it knows is fixed and “true”. We remain in the realm of reason, but it has now reached its limit; it has come to that frontier, the end of its world, where it can only imaginatively and vertiginously consider what lies beyond. This imagining invites a further movement, one that we can only describe as mystical and transformative.

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