l'indifférence d'oiseaux(Click to enlarge.)
This is one picture and both the tiny birds and the human couple belong within it. They belong to the same world. In this, for all their differences, they are the same. Whether hoping, caring and despairing or indifferent they are genuinely giving expression to their natures. This is their oneness. They are the same in being different. And just as we do not say of birds that they should care, so also we do not say of humans that they should be indifferent. Only in the case of humans there is an awareness of indifference, the apparent indifference of the universe as represented by two tiny birds. In this mutual embedding in Mystery there is also a oneness. This is our experience, our existential dangle, and as such must inform our living if we are to live authentically. The tiny birds have no such burden. In this we are “special”.
This couple is doing what humans do. They care. They hope. And they despair. Hope arises naturally as the very élan of life. Life seeks to flourish in fullness. Let us then affirm and live this hope. But there is another hope, a hope of expectations, a hope that depends on certain outcomes, a hope uninformed by the indifference of Mystery. This hope generates despair and is in turn generated by despair. This is the hope that “adds to the process of life” and alienates us from our embedding in Mystery.
The hope that is not-hope is the hope that spontaneously arises from life itself; it requires no justification, for it depends on nothing. To live is to hope. Let us then live this hope. To live is to trust. Let us then live this trust.

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