l'indifférence d'oiseaux


This is the fourth meditation on this work offered by a friend. (Click to enlarge.)

This couple belongs together. They in fact give rise to each other. Despite being opposites, they seem to merge together. Hope is there for Despair; Despair is there for Hope. They are co-dependent. Why is he in despair? Because he requires a hope that Hope cannot provide. Why does Hope offer hope? Because there is despair in Despair, and it lurks in her own heart.

We are pulled into this union of Hope and Despair. They are a couple. They are one. They are humanity solely in the context of a human perspective. They are one, even as opposites, but there is no resolution between them.

But here are two tiny birds looking in opposing directions, out and away. We might have missed or dismissed them but for the title, “The Indifference of Birds”. This is somehow about them. Yet they care nothing for the main event, the drama unfolding beside them. They do not watch the couple, but out to nothing in particular. Nor do they together look up to a higher Reality, a solution, a resolution. That would involve them in the drama. Rather, they look out to indefinite and indifferent mystery.

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