l'indifférence d'oiseaux

As previously stated, I think this picture (click to enlarge) so wonderfully illustrates the possibility of a hope of no-hope that it is worth spending time meditating on. I have already posted it twice in the hope (of no-hope, I hope) that some of you might have taken the time to do so before I weigh in.
I made the following observations to the artist:
I’m thinking of it as: Hope, Despair and the Indifference of Birds. Or: Hope comforts Despair while the birds don’t care (or enjoy a day in the park).

I like the way Hope leans into and almost merges with Despair (our first focus) and then the birds turn us out and away.

His reply:
The form of the drawing is a triangle; the trinitarian nature of this doodlegadget is inescapable. A very pleasing riff, variation, and furthering—this is what it is to play where the object of the game is to keep the ball in motion, not to arrive at some final conclusion that would murder all the fun. The bubble-headed nature of dumb hopefulness, the uglification of a soul in despair, the grounded simplicity of gelassenheit*, all bound together in a three-cornered hat, a party hat not for saturday-night abandon but perfect for a stroll in the park wandering carefree.
*A Heideggarian neologism meaning “the spirit of disponibilité [availability] before What-Is which permits us simply to let things be in whatever may be their uncertainty and their mystery.” (Scott, Nathan A. (1969). Negative Capability. Studies in the New Literature and the Religious Situation. Quoted in Wikipedia). Sounds incredibly Zhuangzian!

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