Contrary to recent reports, Planet Earth is doing just fine. True, her incredible fecundity has created a species so successful in its own right that it threatens to destroy both itself and the entire biosphere that she has wrought. But this too shall pass. Ages come. Ages go. Species arise, then disappear. Life has arisen and may again be no more. Many shout that we must save the Planet. But Mother Earth cannot be saved; she has never needed saving. She will shrug off whatever comes her way, whether asteroids or the misbegotten antics of a pesky lifeform. But she will of course die as will the star in which she basks and the Universe in which she resides. This is the way of things, the great inevitability, the endless transformation that pervades apparent reality.
This is something of the View from Dao, a broader perspective that moves beyond a parochial, human-centered view to one that opens itself to a more realistic perspective on the nature of things. It is also an openness to Openness, for it does not and cannot provide us with answers to our existential hunger for surety. At best we can only surrender in thankfulness and trust.


  1. Scott, I do enjoy your perspective, your thoughts. Your blogs are like listening to a familiar tune within “me”. Go Gently, Dick

    1. Me too! In fact he inspired some of it. Should I have given him credit? However, this is also a view that I have long entertained, and one I think philosophical Daoism clearly suggests. In any case, I’d encourage readers to follow that link to have a good laugh. My favorite: “Ask that guy in Pompeii frozen in stone if the planet needs saving!” –Scott

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